Here's a tip for your ministry success!

by Pastor Barbie

Halloween Alternative:  We take the time to have an 
Harvest Outreach night. This is the only time of the 
year people of the community open their homes. Our 
children take the opportunity to be a light to our 
neighbors. Our children dress up in non-scary 
costumes. We make up bookmarkers with our services 
listed on the back. A scripture verse on front with a 
lifesaver on the front that states Jesus is the real 
life Savior.  The kids give a treat rather than receive 
one. The kids tell them they are inviting them to their 
neighbor church. The reaction is truly moving. Some 
say what church I've never had this done to me before. 
Others say Praise the Lord! The evening is fun as kids 
run up to doors and share Jesus then return to the 
church for food, games and candy.  We want to make 
a difference.




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