Here's a tip for your ministry success!

Do you like putting your own lessons together?  Or, do you
often add or change the object lessons in the curriculum
you use?  If so, then you most likely have a large number
of resources you glean from.  Here's something I did that
really helped make lesson planning much easier.  I went
through all of my puppet script books, object lesson books,
cartooning books, etc., and made a master list of each
lesson, topic, verse.  With the database computer programs
available today you can create a list of all you resources
that will be available at your fingertips when you need it.
Just think, the next time you're teaching on Psalm 119, you
will be able to pull up your database list and do a search.
Instantly, you'll know exactly what object lessons, puppet
songs, cartoon drawings, etc., that you have in your library!




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