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Personal Word of Encouragement from Pastor Gary
               (Today vs. Yesterday!)
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--Let the Games Begin!  Olympics!
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-Personal Word of Encouragement from Pastor Gary
               (Today vs. Yesterday!)

Rev. Gary R. LinnThis is a wonderful time of year in northeast Florida!  I love the mild winter weather.  Of course, over the past couple of weeks, we have had a little colder weather than normal.  Once we get out to work in the yard and clean up the foliage that was briskly snapped by the lower temperatures, our gardens will look kind of bare for a couple of months until the early spring weather brings new growth and gorgeous blooms.

As I was thinking of the unusual temperatures, my thoughts began to focus on this new season of change.  I want to challenge you to make a special effort to realize the wonderful opportunity you have with this new year just beginning.

Have you ever noticed that when the seasons change, the new season can often feel like the previous one?  There will be spring days that still feel like the latter days of winter.  There will be fall days that hint to a feeling of summer.  There will be some winter days that often remind you of the closing of fall.  In reality, you are in a new season, but you may feel like you are still in the previous season.

Let me encourage you to recognize that 2010 is a new season for your life and your ministry!  From the creation of the world, God has placed unique emphasis on the changing of the years.  He has written specific insights and instructions for us to follow with the passing of each year.  This is important for us to understand.

This is a NEW YEAR!  It is a NEW SEASON!  You may be facing some situations that make you feel like it is still yesterday, last season, or last year, but do not follow your feelings!  Take hold of this fresh opportunity to move forward in your ministry and your life.  

As Ecclesiastes says, 'There is a time for everything.'  And, I believe this is a NEW TIME for NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW IDEAS, NEW FRIENDSHIPS, and NEW ADVANCES for the KINGDOM.  The old has past away and EVERYTHING has become NEW!

Pastor Gary R. Linn

-Let the Games Begin!  Olympics!

The Winter Olympic Games are just a couple of weeks away and are a great theme to add some pizzazz to your services.  Here are two OUTSTANDING 'Olympic-Themed' Services that interactively involve your students.

Your kids will love these Wonderfully Wacky Olympic Events - Balloon Bonanza, Pom-Pom Plunder, Jell-O Jest, and The Feather Fly!  Each event brings forth and reinforces one of the above truths while the children have an absolute blast discovering the Fullness of Life they can experience through Jesus Christ!

Go for the Gold! - Wacky Olympic Themed Lesson
”Go for the Gold!” is an incredibly wonderful lesson which uses a unique correlation to the Olympic games that will forever change your students’ lives by
Exploring Four God-given Truths:
      -Follow God’s Plan
      -Obey All the Lord’s Commands
      -Be Willing and Obedient
      -and Persevere

Your kids will also thoroughly enjoy these School-Themed Olympic-Style Events - Pack-a-Backpack, Trendy Trousseau Relay, Tumblers of Truth Relay, and Mighty Man Cram-Jam Relay! 

Each event brings forth and reinforces one of the truths below while the children have an absolute blast discovering their “Spiritual School Supplies!”

”Back-to-School Olympics: Your Spiritual School Supplies!” is an incredibly creative way to bring the importance and reality of God back into your student’s lives while they are back in school! This full lesson covers an enormous abundance of scriptural teaching on:
     -Fruit of the Spirit
     -Armor of God
     -Word of God
     -and Power of the Holy Spirit.

Kids want to have fun and you want them to experience the power of God in their lives. Much like the “Go for the Gold!” lesson, this lesson provides an opportunity for your children to have the best time ever in a church service while you thoroughly instill divine strength into their hearts!

Now Available in a Set at a Combo Discount!

-Extreme Object Lesson Makeover!

Whenever I am looking for a "special effect" object lesson, my mind usually begins thinking of some sort of Gospel Magic effect.  I find they are incredibly useful and attention keeping tools.  If you have never tried one, please check out the Gospel Magic Object Lessons collection of 56 Downloadable Effects on the CMT site.

If you are new to this remarkable teaching method, you will really enjoy the article on the Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault - Why Use Gospel Magic Object Lessons?

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