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Today's Featured Article

How To Have A Collapsible Puppet Stage  
                       Greg Lichi  


Here's a design for a puppet stage that is inexpensive, portable, quick and easy to set up, and give the same performance!

Your supply list may vary some, depending on the size and style of puppet stage you build.  For this illustration, we will build a simple puppet stage with a 4 pvc frame sections that are connected with cable ties from the electrical section of the hardware store.

--Stop by the home improvement or hardware store and pick up the following pvc pipe and joints.
  • 3/4 inch 'T' joint -- you'll need 8 for the base
  • 3/4 inch right angle joints -- you'll need 8 for the base
  • 3/4 inch thick-wall pipe -- you'll need 6 10-foot pieces for the base

--First, cut five pvc pipes into three 3-foot length sections and one 1-foot piece.  Then cut three 1-foot lengths from the remaining 10-foot pipe.  

--Assemble four frames with a T-Joint at each bottom corner, a right angle joint at each top corner and a 3-foot section on each side as shown in the photo.  Then put a 1-foot piece of pvc at the bottom for leg extensions.  The T-Joints are marked 1, the right angle joints are marked 3, and the pipe sections marked 2.

(Note:  The bottom puppet stage leg extensions can be easily changed to create a taller of shorter stage for your puppeteers.)


--Attach the sections with the cable ties about 4 inches below the top right angle joints and 4 inches above the bottom T-Joints as shown.  Wrap each pipe individually with electrical tape directly below the cable tie to keep it in place.


--The four attached puppet stage sections with a curtain will appear like this.


--For easy storage and mobility the stage can be collapsed. 

(Note the position of the tape and cable ties.)

Also, note that if you wish to have a top back curtain, you may use T-Joint on the ends instead of right angle joints as shown in this picture.


--A back piece for your puppet stage can easily be constructed using a single pipe and joints, but for more durability and stability you may wish to create a double piped back piece as shown here.

--That's it!

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