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Monthly Downloads

Here are some extras just for you.  Some you may find useful in your Children's Ministry.  Others you may find useful for your personal devotions.  Or maybe you will like to add a desktop wallpaper or ministry screensaver to your system!

Desktop Wallpaper

provided by freephotos.se

provided by freephotos.se

provided by christart.com

provided by finestwallpapers.net

Desktop Theme
Just unzip and put all components inside the folder C/windows/resources/themes on your hard drive.  Do not put the whole folder, just the files inside it.  Themes will then work through your desktop themes selection.


provided by anaja.com

provided by churchsavers.com

ActionBible™ is a Bible program with a difference, featuring:
 Fast, user-friendly layout and simple design
 FREE Download, FREE registration
 Featuring the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible
 Other free translations, including the King James Version, to download
 NASB and HCSB available as licensed modules
 No overblown study library features to slow things down and make it complicated
 Easy cut & paste options
 Quick study notes, verse notes, and daily journal features
 Right-click to compare translations, highlight passages or words, and bookmark favorite     verses
 For those whose desire is to put the Word of God into action

Palm/PDA EBooks (Please Right Click and Select Save Target As)
The Full Blessing of Pentecost - Andrew Murray

The Knowledge of the Holy - A. W. Tozer

Purpose in Prayer - E. M. Bounds



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