Children's Ministry Today's websites have so many helps that will incredibly enhance your lessons for Sunday School, Children's Church, Midweek Services, and Special Events.  With so many resources to find, please use this page to help you quickly locate exactly what you are looking for.
Avail yourself of ALL the helps below:

Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault:

The Vault contains ALL FREE articles such as:

lessons, stories, Gospel illusion applications, object lessons, children’s sermons, game ideas, craft ideas, outreach, descriptions of special events, leadership training, and more! Over 30 categories of lessons/articles. Registration is free!

The Outlet Mall:

Find here 100’s of resources you need to purchase for your services:

kids’ worship CDs, balloons, balloon ministry books or videos, puppets, puppet scripts on CD, clowning skits, easy-to-do gospel magic, group game software, ventriloquism training videos, nursery scheduling software, much more!

The Children’s Ministry Homepage:

This site has more free lesson materials than is almost possible to list:

Free Daily Bible Story—bottom left of page. Written in a professional narrative form, making it easy for you to tell.

Free Daily Bible Quiz—bottom center of page. Great questions for review games. For example, the day of this article, all the questions were on Esther.

Podcast Page—Download free podcast Bible Stories recorded by a children’s pastor and play in your service or lessons written by children’s pastors to play in your service.

Keys for Kids—This is a free, present-day kids’ story with Scripture and application that you can tell in your service. Changes daily.

Stories You Can Use—In the Quick links column on the right side. Two types of stories for use in story sermons. Changed weekly.

Joke a Day—In the Quick links column on the right side. Like to include some humor during your opening? This clean joke, changed daily, even includes a Scripture application!

Down Gilead Lane—This daily kids’ radio program can be listened to right on our webpage. Also provided is the discussion that goes with the day’s story.

Your Favorite Places:

Find here 100’s of links to websites with usable resources for our children’s ministry, many of which are free. About 30 categories of sites. Take note of the sites with the word, “Free,” in their descriptions!

For example, in the Ballooning area, we go to the balloon archives and get free instructions on how to make a balloon “lion” for while telling the story of Daniel and the lion’s den.

In the Origami section, we will get free instructions of how to make an origami “dove” while telling the story of Jesus’ Baptism.

We will go to the Group Games area to peruse 100’s of free instructions for games for review or just fun!

In the Training area, we will use links to free online training for workers or links to ministries that will come do training at our church.

We will use the Podcast area to find free audio or video podcast from Children’s Pastors’ or Youth Pastors to use as a segment in our lessons.

We will go to the Lessons/Lesson Segments area to find websites full of free puppet scripts, object lessons, lesson outlines, and more.

We will go to the Lessons/Full Curriculum link to find free whole curriculum online.

The options are endless, but you get the point!

Last but not least, the Children’s Pastors’ Network is a world-wide listing of children’s ministry leaders.

Find and contact other leaders in your area so you can make friends, support each other, and swap ideas. Or, become an email “pen pal” to a children’s ministry leader in a country other than your own!

For more help, you can search our sites!





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