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Today's Featured Article

Can We Trust Our Senses?                  
by Maurice Sweetsur

(You can use this lesson by Maurice Sweetsur as a great introduction for a lesson on allowing God to lead us.  Combine it with the God Leads Us Object Lesson, the How To Trouble Your Troubles Lesson and close with the lesson How God Speaks To Us.)
Sometimes our natural senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste - let us down. However, there is one thing that will never let us down, one thing that is totally reliable - God's Word, the Bible.
Try out these hearing and eyesight tests on your class to show them that their senses are unreliable.
1. How many of each type of animal did Moses take onto the Ark?
  (None. It was Noah who had the Ark).
2. You are the driver of a train. There are 30 passengers on board. At the first station, 10 passengers get off. At the second station, 5 passengers get on. What is the name of the train driver?
  (You will probably have to repeat the question, using the right emphasis You are the driver of a train - - - - ).
3. It is noon. You look at your watch, the little hand is pointing to 3, and the big hand is pointing to 6. What time is it?
  (Noon. If your little hand is pointing to 3, and your big hand to 6, your watch must have stopped!).
4. Let's all spell out the word S. T. O. P. together. Then I will ask you a simple question that you have to answer immediately. S. T. O. P. spells STOP. What do you do when you come to a green light?
5. Let's all spell out the word S. I. L. K. together. Then I will ask you a simple question that you have to answer immediately. S. I. L. K. spells SILK. What do cow's drink?
6. Write out the following two sets of words on  triangular pieces of paper or cardboard as shown. Show each sentence to your class, and ask them to study it carefully. After about 15 seconds, put the paper away and ask them what it said. Most will get it wrong, missing out a The and an A respectively.
In The
The Bush
In        A
A  Lifetime

This lessons was originally posted in The Vault area of our website.

Here's Maurice's Blogspot

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