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Today's Featured Article

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Object Needed: USB Thumb Drive (or a picture of one)  

Letís talk about Christmas presents!  Think of all the different types of presents we have received.  For example, what was the largest present you have ever received?  (Pick a few children to respond and then also share the largest present you have ever received.)  What do you think was the most expensive present you have ever received?  (Pick a few children to respond and then also share the most expensive present you have ever received.)  Many people believe that the larger the present, then the more expensive it must be or the more valuable it is, or the more it can do or accomplish, but that is not always the case.  (Show the Thumb Drive .)

Here is an USB drive for a computer.  Some people call it a thumb drive because it is about the size your thumb.  When you first look at it, it really doesnít look like much.  But one of these drives that has 1 gigabyte of space can do an incredible amount of work and hold more information.  This little drive holds more information than over 25 average computers did 15 years ago!  It can hold more than 2,000 photos taken at high resolution.  It can hold over 4,000,000 pages of information.  So just by looking at this you might not think that it is very special, you may not think it is something great, but it really is.

Many people have had the same thoughts about Jesus.  At Christmas time, people think of the baby Jesus lying in a manger.  They just see a little baby who cries and is very small and fragile, who canít accomplish much.  They do not see Jesus for what He really is--the Savior of the world! When people think of baby Jesus, they donít see the person with more wisdom than anyone else who has ever livedóor ever will live.  They donít see Him as the All-Powerful One who heals the sick, raises the dead, calms severe storms with just a word!  Remember, appearances can be deceiving (Show thumbdrive again.)!  Scripture says that there was nothing special about Jesusí appearance, nothing that would attract people to Him.  But appearances are deceiving!  Jesus is so much more than just a fragile baby in a manger.  He is something special. He is something great!  He is the Son of God who loved us so much that He sacrificed Himself to take away the sins of the world.  Jesus is our Savior, the only Savior!  It is through Jesus alone that we receive access to God and eternal life!

Donít be distracted this Christmas by the size of the gifts or the impressive displays of decorations.  If you do, you may overlook the greatest part of the season.  It would be easy to overlook this thumb drive (Display drive.) if it were nestled between two large and beautifully wrapped presents.  It can be easy to overlook Jesus at Christmas because of all our busyness.   Letís remember the baby who came was small but still the all-powerful Son of God and our only Savioróthe most special thing of all at Christmas!

Rev. Gary R & Alisa J. Linn

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