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Today's Featured Article

Ronald Nikkel


Healthy self-esteem is the foundation of moral and faith development. Without self-esteem, a child will not be secure in his moral choices and won't be able to make moral choices that consider the needs of others.  Without healthy self-esteem, a child will be hindered in responding to God's love. If a child has not grown up with the experience of being unconditional­ly loved and a meaningful part of a family, he will have difficulty making the transition from faith in people to faith in a loving God.  
  The child's most basic image of God is the image created by the parents through their behavior in their relationship to the child. If this is negative, the child transfers that negative image onto his picture of God. If it is positive, the child will have a positive image of God.

So one of the most important tasks of parents is to build a basis of love and security on which the child can develop morality and faith.

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