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Today's Featured Article

Salvation - The Prodigal Son                    
by Rev. Gary R. Linn


This sample lesson is from the book “Ventriloquism is for Dummies.”  Click here to see the book details. 

Legend - V = Ventriloquist, F = Vent Figure

You may also use this as a puppet skit with the dialogue between two puppets.

V- Good morning ________.  How are things going with you? 

F- Oh, it could be better. 

V- And how's that? 

F- I'm losing my hair. 

V- It looks like you already lost it. 

F- Well, you don't have to rub it in. 

V- Just look at it this way, you have less hair to comb. 

F- Yeah, but I've got more face to wash. 

V- Well, today we are going to tell a parable that Jesus told.  I thought we would tell this one for Father's Day.  It is one about a father and a boy. 

F- Okay sonny, let's get going. 

V- Well, I thought that I would play the part of the father and you could be the boy. 

F- Well, that's a change, but sure who cares. 

V- A long time ago a young man came to his father and said... 

F- Hey pops! I want a split. 

V- Are you saying that you want to leave? 

F- No, I want a banana split. 

V- That's not how the story goes. 

F- So, I still want a banana split. 

V- Let's stick to the story. 

F- I'll stick to anything if you get me a banana split. 

V- Just say that you want to leave. 

F- I probably will when I go get that banana split. 

V- (Just looks at ________) 

F- Okay, Okay.   I want to leave. 

V- Why do you want to do that? 

F- Because you just told me to....duh?! 

V- You are supposed to be helping me tell the story. 

F- All right. 

V- I really don't want to see you go. 

F- Then don't watch me.  By the way, I need some money, too. 

V- You want some money? 

F- Sure the money that I will get when you kick the bucket. 

V- (Narrating) Well, the father gave his son the money and the son set off to the big city. 

F- Minneapolis? 

V- No, it wasn't Minneapolis.  But it was a big city.  Finally one day, the son looked into his wallet to see if he had any money left. 

F- (Looks up and clears throat) Boy, it sure is a nice day.  How is your Aunt Edna doing? 

V- ________, stay with the story.  Did you look to see if you had any money left? 

F- Sure did!  (melodramatically) (looking down) No, I don't have any money.  I am broke.  Washed up.  Taken to the cleaners.  Bombed out. What am I going to do? 

V- Well, the son got a job. 

F- A job?!!! You have got to be kidding. 

V- No, in fact do you know what the job was? 

F- I am afraid to ask. 

V- It was feeding the pigs. 

F- What?!  Now I am leaving! 

V- Well, don't leave yet.  You see, the son decided that even the servants at home were better off than he was, so he should home.  As the son got near home, the father saw him, came running, and said, Son is that really you? 

F- No, it's Captain Kangaroo! 

V- Son, I am so happy to see you. 

F- Dad, I'm sorry for the way I left home.  Will you forgive me? 

V- Of course, I will. 

F- I will even be your servant if you want me to. 

V- You know son, everyday I've waited and watched to see if you were coming home and today you are here! You don't have to be a servant, you are my son. 

F- Oh, dad.  (leaning head on shoulder) 

V- Jesus tells us that story to show us that He is like the father in the story.  He is waiting for us to come back to Him so He can forgive us. 

F- That reminds me of something. 

V- What's that? 

F- Uh, I forgot. 

V- That’s a nice thought on Father's Day.  We know that our Heavenly Father is willing to forgive us of our sins and keep us as His sons.  That's what salvation is all about.  Why don't you say goodbye. 

Copyright  © 1992-2001 Children’s Ministry Today

You'll find more lessons and resources on Salvation in The Vault area of our website.

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