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Today's Featured Article

Salvation - The First Step to Happiness                    

This article was originally posted in The Vault area of our website.             

SUPPLIES:  step ladder, four signs

NOTE TO THE TEACHER:  Ahead of time, make four signs that say, SALVATION, HEALING, OTHER, and HAPPINESS.  Tape the happiness sign onto the wall where the children will only be able to reach it from the third step of the ladder.  Have the ladder set off to the side.

God wants the children to be happy.  Choose a child to come and get happiness.  The child will not be able to get happiness, because he/she cannot reach it.  Since God wants the children to have happiness, then He must have provided a way for them to get it.  

(Bring the ladder over and set it up below the HAPPINESS sign.)

The first step for a child to have happiness is SALVATION, which is being spiritually whole.  (Tape that sign to the side of the first step on the ladder.)

The second step for the child to have happiness is HEALING, which is being physically well.  (Tape that sign to the side of the second step on the ladder.)

The third step is not as easy to put in one word.  That is because God provides so many OTHER things in our lives so that all of our life is complete.  (Tape that sign to the side of the third step on the ladder.)

When children accept salvation, healing, and the other things that God has to give them, then they can have happiness.  Have the child climb the ladder and get the HAPPINESS sign off of the wall.

You'll find more lessons and resources on Salvation in The Vault area of our website.

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