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Today's Featured Article

Salvation Cups                    
by Joe Rodriquez


You have probably heard of the Salvation bracelet or the Salvation bear. They are made up of 5 colors that represent the salvation process. I wanted to illustrate this process to the children in our church and came up with the Salvation Cups!


1. 5 clear tall drinking glasses
2. Food coloring (dye) in 4 colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
3. Large Pitcher filled half way with water


Prior to the children arriving to church place two drops of dye in each glass. One color (except the blue) per glass. In the fourth glass mix one drop each of the 4 colors. Leave the fifth glass empty. Place the glasses on a table, prefferably high enough so that when the children sit down the cannot see the bottom of the glasses. Arrange them in this order. 
  Mixed Colors


Begin by announcing that you have a Pitcher that contains special color changing power! Start telling the children how sin separates us from God. That sin is like missing the mark (bullseye) on a dart board. Sin is breaking God's law and it's punishment is death (separation from God forever). As you talk about sin pour special water into the first cup. It fills up with a dark liquid, representing our sins. Continue by telling the children that Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sins.That He died on a cross and shed his blood (pour water in the second [red dye] glass as you speak) to take way our sins. Say that this blood cleanse (pour water into third [empty] glass) us from ALL sin and allows us to come near to God. We are free from sin and the penalty of it. Tell the children that once we are forgiven we need to start living for God and learning more about him. Tell them how we need to grow (pour water in the fourth [green glass]) in the knowledge of Jesus and his kingdom. Finish by telling them that God has promised to take us to be where He is, heaven (pour water in the fifth [yellow] glass). Expalin how heaven is a place where the streets are made of gold. Where God is the light that shines, where there is NO SIN and no pain. Invite children to accept Jesus and drink of the Living Water he offers.

--There is a chemistry set available that illustrates this process in a more magical way, but this is defenitely less expensive!

You'll find more lessons and resources on Salvation in The Vault area of our website.

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