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  Children's Ministry Today    

Today's Featured Article

Preschool Christmas Program Ideas  
                       Angie Simmons  


1) Have each child dress in one specific color and hold a large posterboard picture of a crayon of the same color while older children read about the significance of the color to the birth of Jesus...ex: brown for the stable, yellow for the hay, etc. The child who reads about the color could then take the crayon from the preschooler and place it in a large box decorated to look like a crayon box. (Since some small children may get upset when an object is taken away, the child may even trade a Christmas stuffed animal or something when taking the crayon) You could end with a parade of colors. We did this one year using a poem called Colors on Parade I found in an old Christmas parts book. It turned out really cute.

2) You could have a Birthday Party for Jesus. The kids could come out wearing birthday hats and blowing party blowers. An adult could bring out a birthday cake with lit candles and let the older children blow out the candles. Everyone, even the congregation, could sing Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus... together.
3) You could have the children dress as animals that were at the birth of Jesus and have them come up on stage to a stable scene and, one at a time, bend down to kiss the baby Jesus (a doll in a manger). They could all then sing Happy Birthday or Jesus Loves Me. This is beautiful~ to see little ones kissing Jesus! You could then have the 4 year olds hand out Hershey's kisses to the congregation.
4) Several times we've had all the nursery babies dress as angels and just come up on stage for a minute or two as we announced our beautiful angels and had pretty choral or classical Christmas music playing in the background...sweet!

(This article was posted by Angie in The Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault)

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