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Today's Featured Article

Seeds of Love for Mother Craft/Gift
                     By: Angela Simmons 
                 This lesson was originally posted in The Vault area of our website.


Have the children make cards for their mothers, using any materials you wish. Next, tape, glue, or staple a packet of flower seeds to the front of the card. Inside, the card, attach a copy of the following poem: These seeds are here for me and you, And Mommy, here's what we can do... Together we'll search until we've found A spot to plant them in the ground. With rain and sunshine, don't you know, Our flowers, like our love, will grow. A gentle reminder our flowers will be That I love Mommy and she loves me!

For wonderful Lesson and Service Resources specifically designed for Mother's Day, visit the Mother's Day section of the Children's Ministry Outlet Mall.

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