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Today's Featured Article

Mop & Broom Puppetry
                      Alisa Linn  


The following is an excerpt from an article title "Participation" featured in the Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault.

...The last teaching method for participation I want to go through in a little more detail because it is so unusual and so few people have seen it. Mop and Broom Puppetry is actually not puppetry at all! It does not use the puppet team or their puppets.

The Mop & Broom Puppetry book “The Ultimate in Classroom Participation!” has full details for creating puppets and 21 skits.  Click here to see the book details.

Everywhere we have tried this, the kids’ loved it! Picture in your mind a method that easily involves every child in the class whether you have a class of 6 or 600, is inexpensive, and takes little preparation. Sound to good to be true? Almost, but it isn’t! Mops and brooms are used to make the puppets, the yarn or bristles become the hair surrounding a Velcroed face. Several children, using mop and broom puppets, act out the parts of the main characters. The story is carefully written with actions words for your puppeteers to act out. The remaining class members participate as the sound effects crew through key word sound effects which also have been strategically placed throughout the script. And, for you, the teacher, no memorization is involved since the story is read to insure use of the action words and sound effects. What’s the result? A great deal of fun and the ultimate in audience participation! Preparation is limited to gathering of the puppets, a single curtain wall for a stage, and some props. Kids love so much to participate that mop and broom puppetry easily becomes an added method of crowd control. Once the kids have seen it, and they hear at the beginning of class that you’re going to be using it that day and that you’ll be looking for well-behaved kids to run the puppets, they’ll do anything to be able to participate. For full details, puppet-making instructions, and skits, see the Ultimate in Classroom Participation book, but I’ll give you a brief sample of this exciting method below.

Select a group of children to work the puppets, and props if the story calls for it. While they are getting ready, go through the sound effects with the rest of the class. Whenever you read one of those underlined key words, the class will respond with that sound effect. For example, should you use the word rain, the children tap lightly on their chairs to create the sound of falling rain. Once you begin to read the story, the children working the puppets act out the story for the rest of the class. Take a look at one of my favorite mop and broom skit.

© by Alisa Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

The Mop & Broom Puppetry book “The Ultimate in Classroom Participation!” has full details for creating puppets and 21 skits.  Click here to see the book details.

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