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Today's Featured Article

Fun Game for Memorial Day Lesson
                  by Gary R. Linn

Here's a fun and easy game to play during your service this Memorial Day.

This game works well for any patriotic holiday!  If you have projection capabilities, you will find this easy to make in only minutes for using in programs like PowerPoint.

The United States has several branches of military which are honored on days like Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

For this game, you will use the following:  Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard.  


You are creating a game based on Keyword substitution.  You will prepare slides with phrases.  Each phrase will be missing at least one word.  The goal is to be the first to determine which word is missing.  Depending on your situation, you may find it best to divide the room into two groups for competition between the two groups.  Another option of play is to reward the individual who is first to correctly solve the puzzle.


Prepare the following slides for playing.  (Each line represents a separate slide.)

Slide 1 - _______  Ants

Slide 2 - _______ is Clear

Slide 3 - _______  Beans

Slide 4 - _______  Anthem

Slide 5 - Breath of Fresh _____

Slide 6 - East  ________

Slide 7 - _______  Life

Slide 8 - Walking on _____

Slide 9 - Caught You Off  _______

Slide 10 - Into Thin _____

Slide 11 - ________ to ________

Slide 12 - _______  Seals

Slide 13 - _______  Forecast

Slide 14 - Hot  ____

Slide 15 - _______  ROTC

Slide 16 - Gulf  _______

Slide 17 - _________  Geographic

Slide 18 - _________  Biology

Slide 19 - Old _______

Slide 20 - _____  Conditioning

Slide 21 - Salvation  _______

Slide 22 - _______line

Slide 23 - _______  Blue

(Answers:  1 - Army, 2 - Coast, 3 - Navy, 4 - National, 5 - Air, 6 - Coast, 7 - Marine, 8 - Air, 9 - Guard, 10 - Air, 11 - Coast to Coast, 12 - Navy, 13 - Marine, 14 - Air, 15 - Army, 16 - Coast , 17 - National, 18 - Marine, 19 - Navy, 20 - Air, 21 - Army, 22 - Air or Coast, 23 - Navy)


This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day.  In the US we have several armed services that serve our country.  There is the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, and Navy.  In this game you will be show puzzles on slides.  Each puzzle is a phrase with a missing word.  The first person who can solve the puzzle raise your hand as quickly as possible without saying anything.  The answers to each puzzle are taken from the names of the armed services just mentioned.  (You may want to have the group recite the names with you prior to starting the game.)

ENJOY! - Copyright Children's Ministry Today.  All Rights Reserved.

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