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Today's Featured Article

Listening To The Holy Spirit - Ballooning Lesson
                  Goal Post Balloon Hat (Superbowl Lesson)


Items Needed: 2 Ė 260Q balloons, pump, instructions for goal post hat, volunteer

(Call up a volunteer so that you can measure the headband for his/her head.) Besides daily learning the Scriptures, the other main way we resist temptation and make right choices is by listening to the voice of Godís Holy Spirit. When we need to resist temptation or make a tough decision, Godís promises that His Holy Spirit will speak to you in your mind to tell you the right choice or decision. 


God says in John 14:26 that the Holy Spirit will teach you ALL things, and in John 16:13, that He will guide you into ALL truth. However, if you are not daily spending time in Godís Word and prayer, listening to Him and getting to know Him, you wonít recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit when He speaks to you. Just like you learn to recognize the voices of the people in your life because youíve spent a lot of time with them, you learn to recognize Godís voice more clearly the more time that youíve spent with Him!

There is another point to keep in mind, though, if the Holy Spirit is going to be able to help you resist temptation or make good decisions. Several of you like football. We all know that today is Superbowl Sunday (Have hat done.). What part of the football game is this hat illustrating? Thatís right; itís the goal posts. Where are the goal posts in a game? In the end zone. What do the goal posts represent? The area a player needs to be with the football if he is going to get points and win the game!

How many players are on a football line-up? Eleven. If you know anything about football, you know that coaches make detailed drawings of what each person on the team is to do during each play. However, what is going to happen if no one listens to the plays when the coach explains them? No one will know what to do. Will that team win the game? No, not a chance! The only way the football team will win is if they are listening when the coach explains the plays to them. The only way you are going to make right decisions or resist temptation is to be listening when the Holy Spirit speaks to you!

If you go throughout your whole day and never even think about God, you arenít listening! You wonít hear Him when He talks to you! The goal posts remind us (Point at balloon.) that the football players wonít win the game unless they are listening to the coach. You will only be able to resist temptation and make good decisions when you are listening to the Holy Spirit! So what do we need to do? First, be spending daily time with God in prayer and Scripture so that you learn to recognize His voice. Second, be sure to think about God continually throughout your day, remembering that He is with you, and listening for His voice. You will reach the goals of resisting temptation or making good decisions as the Holy Spirit teaches you all things and guides you into all truth! (Thank volunteer. Remove hat and tell them to retrieve it after the close of service.)

Practice ahead of time even though the ballooning instructions are easy enough for a beginner to do. If the instructions are unclear at first, going through them with the balloons will enable you to visualize it and make it understandable.

For instructions, click here to go to the Ballooning Category of Your Favorite Places. The link to Balloon Sculpture Instructions Archived by Name will open an alphabetical list. The instructions are labeled ďHat, Goal PostĒ by Buff Phoon the Clown. He includes instruction for a 3rd balloon to make the ball, but I didnít use that part.

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