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  Children's Ministry Today    

Involving Children In Charity
Children's Ministry Today

Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons have always been a great time for involving kids in helping the poor. With the recent tragedies in the U.S., people's thoughts, including your kids, are already in this direction. Give your kids an outlet for their desires to help others by involving them in a positive work of charity which can counteract the harmful deeds they are hearing about each day in the news.


One of the things we have done in our kids' musicals is to ask everyone attending to bring a can of food with them to the event to donate to the poor through a local charity, such as the Salvation Army or local food pantry. The request is printed across the bottom of all promotional materials. Be sure to prepare by having containers ready for the donations the night of the musical. If your kids don't do a musical or church Christmas program, you can still run such a charity event through your Sunday School or Wednesday night kids club. Have the teachers announce it to the kids, explain how this will help needy people, and send home a flier with each child to their parents explaining the need to bring a canned food item on the chosen day. 

You could also contact a local homeless shelter, food pantry, etc. and see if there is something your church kids could help them with during their extra work of the holiday season. Depending on the ages of your kids, they may be able to---with some assistance from adults in your church--serve meals, handout food or clothes (when the charities unload from backs of semi trailers), paint, clean, etc. I'm sure the local pastors/leaders over those ministries could tell you several different needs they have and ideas of ways your kids can help their charities during the coming season.

You can also involve your children in ministering to people from your own congregation who are now in rest homes by going as a group from Sunday School, clubs, or children's church to visit with and/or sing for them. Also consider going to visit shut-ins, do cleaning or yard work, or even write letters to the various elderly unable to attend service. 

Hope this spurs some ideas! Lives will be blessed by whatever option you choose!
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