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Today's Featured Article

Inspired By The One Who Owns Cattle Over A Thousand Hills  
                       By Elizabeth Wangari Kimanin  


Elizabeth Wangari Kimanin originally wrote this leadership article for self-improvement from a business perspective.  But, you will be inspired and challenged as your find the incredible relevance to your work in Children's Ministry.
Inspired by the one who owns cattle over a thousand hills When I read the word of God and I look at the people He chose to do His work, I am amazed. Look at Noah, when God told him to build the ark, the man was 600 years old (in the current generation, this is not possible especially when you consider that anyone above 100 years is extremely old). He was the only one found righteous in the sight of God when God wanted to finish the world because of its sin. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Joseph, Samson, David, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Job, Esther, Ruth, Sarah, Hannah, Rahab, Mary and many more of these great men and women.

None of them had anything to offer the world and they have their names living until today because God saw that they had the potential to do His great and mighty work. Even they did not consider themselves worthy and capable of such great jobs.

They just did what they did average. But when they got the revelation of God, they stopped being average and common; and what they then accomplished, was more than anyone could imagine.

For each person who made a great accomplishment in the bible, they had a personal meeting with God where a divine revelation was made. None of them just woke up one day and decided to do the great deed. There was a divine assignment. For many of us today, we think that divine assignments ended with the biblical times documented in the bible. But they did not. They are still as alive as we are.

I keep asking one question every time I find myself wondering if I will make it to be a successful person who does the will of God and one who has a purpose and destiny. The question is Ė if I worship and have faith unshaken in the same God who made the waters of the Red Sea part ways for the Israelites to cross over while escaping the Egyptians, what makes me think that that same God cannot bring to pass that which I am trusting Him for? It is good to know the bible stories and the miracles that took place because then it reminds one that we are not dealing with ďpowers that beĒ.

We are dealing with the Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth and Giver of Life. In our path to success over what He has revealed to us and in what we are pursuing, be it employment in a government office, self-employment or philanthropic works, we need to remember that we need to rise above mediocrity and perform at higher levels of excellence and perfection. Even in our businesses, what is so special that removes you away from the rest of the pack? It is time we stopped doing business like everybody else.

Point of illustration Ė if you keep going to sample services in different restaurants and you find that out of five that are in the same lane or block they are all offering the same standard of service, will you bother to go back? Wonít you start diversifying out of that lane to see if those further afield have something different and better to offer? And that is where most of us lose our very dear customers. We get too familiar with them and stop treating them as special, hoping they will understand that thatís just the way things are. As one preacher said, mediocrity creeps in when we believe that we have it all.

Excellence in your business and life should not be an achievement; it should be your character. A reference point by which people can refer to or describe you. And how do you achieve that level of perfection and Prime status?

1. Commit all to God. Prime to everything else is the understanding that nothing is possible without God. Failure to include God in all your plans and committing them to God is a recipe for extremely slow movement to your success, if not failure to get there. God gives us the talents, gifts, and resources; by His grace, doors that would previously be closed to you are opened. By committing our plans to Him, His favor precedes us and we are able to achieve more than we even imagined.

2. Work hard and smart. Ever watched a wind vane, It is important as it gives us the direction of the wind and that is why it is placed so high up with no barriers. Unfortunately it just goes round the same pole, never gets anywhere but it is seen to be working. Now a lot of us are exactly the same. We are working so hard and not getting anywhere because we have got no particular direction we are going to. Working smart allows God the opportunity to answer the prayers we make concerning our success and it allows us to utilize the gifts and talents that God put in each one of His human creation.

3. Stop being afraid. I once heard someone say that fear aborts Godís blessings for us and it also keeps us away from Godís blessings. If Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group of companies) had been afraid to risk his life while crossing the Atlantic airborne, that bit of history would probably still be unwritten. Get out of your comfort zone and just worth noting is that those who dared to be blessed by God dared to risk everything they had and the rewards were beyond their imagination.

4. Donít be a cry baby. Just because things donít work out, donít grumble or beat yourself up about it to the extent that you think that you canít try again. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving. Fall down, get up, dust yourself off and walk again. Develop a spirit like that of an alley cat. It goes out there fights for its rightful place, it is scratched, hurt and bloodied. It then retreats to its corner and nurses its wounds and before long, it is back there again. At some point the rest of the cats just donít see the point of fighting anymore with one who doesnít give up. Refuse to get frustrated.

5. Love and appreciate yourself. Personally I have accepted, I am not a party animal! Any gathering beyond 10.00 p.m. can sure be better without me because my eyes get a life of their own, they start acting droopy and the safest place to be is my bed. That I have accepted. Anything to the contrary is punishing myself and inconveniencing any company I may be in at that hour.

Accepting what you are not is not a weakness, it is a strength because it is in this acceptance that one realizes what they are good at and they can develop it rather than fighting a losing battle with what they are not.

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