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  Children's Ministry Today    

Today's Featured Article

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas
                    By: Nicole Dean


Are you looking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas this season?

Rather than buying a Christmas gift for your cousin, a gift for her husband and a gift for each of their three children, why not give one gift to the five of them that they can enjoy as a family? You'll be amazed how much money you can save by giving one inexpensive family gift rather than several individual gifts.

Let your friends and family know in advance that you've decided to create special gifts for families this year, so you don't have to worry about anyone feeling awkward when it comes time to exchange gifts. Hopefully everyone will like the idea of saving money and jump on the bandwagon.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive gifts for families:

* A gift card to Blockbuster or your local video store. Combine the passes with some microwave popcorn or candy. The entire family will appreciate the idea of a movie night together.

* A book of passes to the movie theater. For an added treat, throw in a homemade coupon good for a night of babysitting so Mom and Dad can enjoy a show without the kids.

* Board games make great gifts for families. Choose a few to cater to different ability levels. Don't forget classic card games like Uno and Old Maid.

* A gift certificate to a nice, family-friendly restaurant. Mom and Dad will appreciate the opportunity to avoid cooking and doing dishes.

* A donation in their family's name to a charity that's important to them. Most organizations have cards that can be mailed when gift contributions are made. Did a hospice help them in their time of need? If so, the donation on their behalf will be appreciated more than another gift under the tree.

Giving family gifts is an effective way to cut back on Christmas spending and can often be more personal than your run of the mill gift. Here's to making your holiday less stressful, inexpensive and more fun!

Article by:  Nicole Dean is the mostly-sane mom and owner of www.ShowMomTheMoney.com a fun and informative site to help moms achieve success working from home. She invites you to learn more money-saving tricks at www.showmomthemoney.com/TimeSavers.asp

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