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Today's Featured Article

What Is Rebus?  How To Use It!
                    By: Rev. Gary R. Linn


Rebus is the art of putting words into the form of pictures. (You may recall the old TV game show, Classic Concentration, which used a similar principle.) It’s an excellent way to make scripture memorization fun and exciting by changing the typical rote scripture memorization into a mind challenging kids’ game. The puzzles are not only educational, but entertaining as well! One may use a picture of a bee to represent the word ‘be.’ Or, one may use a pair of ants to represent the word ‘parents.’

How Helpful is Picture Memorization?

Using pictures for words is a proven aid for memory retention. Some years ago, Dr. Jerry Lucas, known as Dr. Memory to some, made a special appearance on the Tonight Show. At the beginning of the show, Dr. Lucas was introduced to 100 people from the audience. He simply walked down the row and shook each of their hands while they told him their names. At the end of the show, Dr. Lucas went down the row again and recited each person’s name, a remarkable memory indeed. But his secret is to associate a picture with what he wants to remember.

Example:  The word "army" may appear at this picture.

You can download an Adobe Acrobat .pdf sample Here.

How Many Ways Can You Use Rebus Puzzles?

The ways are as limitless as your imagination!  Children’s pastors across the country are putting rebus into PowerPoint and showing the computer-projected presentation on TV monitors or via video projectors. Full color graphics can be put on transparency to make a game board similar to the concentration game show board. Rebus pictures can be printed on cards or drawn on balloons to make an excellent scrambled verse review game. Rebus graphics or clip art can also be put into kids’ bulletins as memory puzzles or into take-home papers for exciting lesson reviews. Let your creativity go!  See a Rebus sample and full graphics library details in the Outlet Mall.

© by Gary & Alisa Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

This resource article was originally featured in the Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault

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