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  Children's Ministry Today    

Today's Featured Article

Holiday Heart and Soul
                    By: Dionna Sanchez


Well the Holidays are officially here! What a joyous season. I love hearing the upbeat melodies of Christmas music playing over every sound system and the bright lights and cheery colors that adorn stores, homes and workstations. Christmas is truly a special time of year to celebrate those we love and just being alive! These are blessings that are all gifts from our precious Heavenly Father.
I know that many, many families are trying to embrace heartfelt traditions once again at Christmastime and escape the frenzy created during the Holidays. It is a struggle isnít it? But we can do it and our families will be so much richer internally for it.

I, personally, have found a few ways to achieve this goal (even though I am still working on it) One of those ways is to remind my children of what the true meaning of Christmas is. My little three year old says she loves Christmas because ďI get presents!Ē What a ripe time for me to teach her thatís not what itís all about. I told her that Christmas is more than just getting presents and putting up a tree with decorations as fun as those things may be Ė itís truly about Jesus being born and coming to earth to save our sins. Itís about sharing that love that he showed us Ė with those we hold dear in our hearts.

I am also trying to start getting more educational toys and other items such as things for their rooms or clothing items to mix in with a few toys at Christmas. I want my children to enjoy being children but I also want them to learn, grow, and appreciate the other things in their lives as well.

We started making a popcorn garland last year. Something I hadnít done since I was young and even then I only did it once or twice. This helps us sit down as a family, embrace an old tradition and talk and laugh while creating something beautiful together. It slows us down.

I start playing Christmas music in November. One month is just too short of a time to enjoy all that beautiful Christmas music! This also puts me in the mood to start getting organized so I donít feel stressed and hurried at the last minute.
I hope you and your family can find your own ways to truly enjoy and embrace all the magic the Holiday season can offer your heart and soul. There is so much meaning that can be gathered at this time of year. Donít hurry through it.
And on behalf of my family, and me I pray that God will draw closer to your heart this coming year filling you with love. I hope for everyone good health, special friends, and a joy to live life and help others.

Article by:  Dionna Sanchez celebrates Christmas with her family from their home in Idaho. Visit her Emphasis On Moms website to get encouragement for your heart at www.EmphasisOnMoms.com/

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