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Today's Featured Article

Handling the Holidays
          The Stressless Guide to the Holidays and Beyond
                    By: Donna Kai Wilson


Christmas and the New Year are probably the most stressful and hectic times in your home – and its very easy to get caught up in the ‘fever’ of getting everything completed without actually taking downtime to relax.

Relaxation in the home is an integral part of surviving the holiday season gracefully.

Here are some top tips to keep your home running smoothly:
• Take some time to relax every day – no matter how busy you are, take some time to do something YOU enjoy, even if it means the dishes go undone, or the washing gets behind.
• Remember that your house does not have to be completely spotless – there is a vast difference between a dirty house and a messy one. Consider the most used and most often seen areas of your house – declutter them before the holiday party season and keep them decluttered. Don’t worry if your cupboards are dirty, of your children’s bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it – as long as the areas your guests see are clear of clutter, your house will look good.
• Spring clean those old toys BEFORE spring – if you can, take a day or two to throw out any old toys that your children have – no kids? Throw out some old things of your own. Not only will it make room for the new, but it will give you a renewed sense of what you’ve got and what you need.
• Sleep – it sounds funny, but make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and that your quality of sleep is good. Although the weather differs over the year, winter is usually the time that people get the least sleep, due to colds, or having the heating on too high/low. Your house should be warm, not cold or hot, and if you can manage it, ensuring a constant temperature is maintained will aid in your health and those all important sleep patterns.
• Take a dose of what’s good for you – like fruit, veg and supplement your diet (with advice from your doctor/pharmacist/natural health advisor) with vitamins and minerals. Taking the recommended dose of vitamin C staves off and shortens colds – ensuring that you’ve got plenty of fruit juice (especially citrus) in your house aids you in staying well.
• Learn to say no – we are not superwoman, and the superwoman complex has no place in the heart of anyone that truly wants to enjoy the season. We cannot do everything, and where it’s great to ensure you’re doing as much as you can, its also a good idea to know where to draw the line.
• Enjoy! – If you can’t enjoy Christmas, then find out why. Whether you’ve got bad memories, are having a tough time adjusting to a change in circumstances, or loss, or you’re just too stressed, there are always ways to address the issues you face. Look to your friends and family for support, and remember, Christmas is about interaction, not money and gifts. Enjoy what the holiday season brings and go with the flow.

Article by:  D Kai Wilson is a columnist and writer with a passion for positive affirmations and lifestyle choices. She does not live in a spotless home, and her living space, though cluttered is relaxed and easy going. She's also a tech writer at kaiskorner.com or join her on her blog at kaiberie.com

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