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Today's Featured Article

Fruit Frenzy Game Idea
                      by Sheila Clark  


We did this one summer when we needed to offer school-age childcare during some Wednesday night Adult Bible Studies.  We called it, Fruit Frenzy. 

Each night began with some kind of silly game involving fruit.  For example, one nigh6t we had a watermelon rolling contest.  Kids formed two teams and lined up on each side of the race area.  The first child from each team rolled their watermelon around a cone and to the other side where another child was standing. 

Then that child did the same until every child has rolled the watermelon to the finish line.  Have teams start on opposite ends so that they aren't running into each other the entire time.  After silly competitions, we had a short Bible study about a Bible character that exemplified the particular Fruit of the Spirit we were discussing that night.    For example, for peace we talked about the story of Jesus calming the storm.  Then we talked about times in their own lives when the kids can receive God's peace.

There are also some great Fruit of The Spirit curriculums if you don't want to make up your own.  We concluded with the Fruit of the Spirit song and a prize drawing.  Each night, we had a drawing.  If you arrived on time, your name went into the drawing pot.  We made sure that a new person won each time.  We didn't allow repeat winners.  I found some cute little fruit characters that we gave away as prizes.  We even gave away the watermelons we used one night.  It was a lot of fun!

For more resources on teaching the Fruit of the Spirit, check out Lisa Strauch's 6 Puppet Skits on the Fruit of the Spirit featured in the Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault.  After signing into The Vault, search Island Adventure.

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