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Today's Featured Article

Finding Time For Those Important Projects
                  Gary R. Collins


One good way to manage your time is to decide when to do the projects that are important to you. It's easy to get caught up in daily routines and never get around to the one thing you'd really like to do---read a good book, write, paint, create something, spend time in meditation and prayer. When should you do those projects that usually get lost in the routines of daily life?

1. Do them when you're most alert. Are you a morning person? Don't spend your mornings on routine activities. Do you function better late at night? Then turn off the TV and get to work.

2. Do them when you're alone. You can't do creative work when the kids are around. You can't even concentrate on a book then. Do your routine jobs--dishes, bedmaking, vacuuming--when they're up, so you can do your creative work when they're napping or playing outside.

3. Do them when the opportunity arises. Your children have gone for the morning to Aunt Susie's? Don't spend that time dusting. Use it for projects you can't do when the children are home. Sometimes it's healthy to let go of the Protestant work ethic and do the things we want to do when the opportunities present themselves.

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