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Today's Featured Article

A Collection of Father's Day Resources


Lesson Resources from Children's Ministry Outlet Mall

Singled Out - Gospel Illusion Download for Father's Day
This is likely the simplest selection effect of its kind!

Your Perfect Dad - Balloon Object Lesson Download
This is a wonderful Balloon Object Lesson that is sure to hit a home run!

Scripture Scramble - Men of the Bible Game
This is a wonderful game for Fatherīs Day!

We are not associated with any of these sites; they are secular sites, so content may not all be conservative or religious in nature, but are relevant to Fatherís Day.  

Author says this is a list of Carefully Chosen Poems to express your love to your Dad.

Includes the history of Fatherís Day.  Longer Religious Poems, Dad as my Hero, and one specifically for Stepfathers.

Enormous list of rather Humorous, Typical Sayings that Fathers say to their children.

Pages of great Fatherís Day Quotes and Poems to honor Dadís this weekend.

Famous Christian Authors Quotes for Fatherís Day

Bible Quotes about Fathers

Bible Verse List for Fatherís Day

Links to about 60 Fatherís Day poems.

Pages of 1-liner quotes about Dad.

Top 50 Quotes for Fatherís Day.  

Fatherís Day Quotes

Large list of quotes by Famous People

For wonderful Lesson and Service Resources specifically designed for Father's Day, visit the Father's Day section of the Children's Ministry Outlet Mall.

Web www.childrensministry.org





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