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Today's Featured Article

The Empty Tomb - Easter Outting
                    By: Colleen Dierolf



This activity works well with the Resurrection Eggs Craft explained by Carol Scheevel.

You can also use the clever and extremely simple Gospel Magic trick called "The Empty Tomb" as a great compliment to this activity.


As an Easter celebration our Wednesday evening program is planning an outing to our local miniature golf and entertainment center.  Children will participate in activities such as Lazer Tag, Car Races, and miniature golf.  

After they have finished with the activities, we will journey up to the 15th hole of the miniature golf course.  That hole is in a cave (the empty tomb).  One of our volunteers will be dressed as Mary Magdalene.  She will tell the story of what she found when she went to the tomb of Jesus.  She will also explain how Jesus appeared to her and His disciples and later to Thomas.  She will conclude by telling the children how Jesus was taken up into heaven.  

We will then return back to the church where each child will put together a set of resurrection eggs and celebrate our risen savior.

This lesson was originally featured in the Children's Ministry Inspiration Vault

You'll find more Great Easter Lesson Resources in the Children's Ministry Outlet Mall.

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