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Today's Featured Article

12 Fun Family Valentine's Day Activities
                By: Sarah Eiden

Make Valentine's Day a fun and sweet memorable day with these 12 fun family-friendly Valentine's day activities.

-Letters cut from a magazine, create a "roses are red"...rhyme.
Glue letters on a large sheet of paper. Fold up and put under a
sweeties pillow along with a few chocolate kisses.

-Use large paper doilies for placemats. Laminate or cover doilies with contact paper.

-Write a message to your honey on the steamed up bathroom mirror.

-Make "conversation heart" cut out cookies. Write cute and corny
phrases with frosting... I LUV U U R Mine KISS ME
Need some inspiration...open a box of conversation hearts...
eat one...and pass one on!

-Make a red and pink ice-cream sundae
Use red berries, red hots, strawberry ice-cream, red sprinkles, red
m&ms, strawberry syrup, jam. Whatever sounds good to you!

-Use a heart shaped paper punch to make heart confetti for gift cards and crafts.

-Tuck an "I love you" note in your honey's lunch, a different message for each day of Valentine's week

-An Act of Kindness:
Fill a shoe box with nice dollar store items.
Use pretty valentine paper, or decorate with doilies, heart stickers
etc., tie with a ribbon. Have you child give it to another child,
neighbor or an adult family-friend who is not expecting it.

-Secret Valentines
Use the secret Santa idea this Valentine's season. Children could
trade amongst siblings, cousins, or neighbors. Have fun!

-Write a love letter to your child. Seal with a lipstick kiss.

-Order or make a heart shaped pizza.

-Giggle. Tease and have fun with sweet "pet names". Hug your little punkins!


Article by:  Take a peek into Sarah's recipe box at www.bake-sale-recipes.com.

Web www.childrensministry.org





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